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In business and life using our Success Formula

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"The BOAR Framework helped me overcome my own mental resistance to scale multiple 7-figure plus businesses."

Meet Dr. Vinny Bubolo,founder of Bubolo Medical, Paran Capital and many other ventures in the health & wellness space.  With the right mindset shifts, he discovered his passionate vision and became unstoppable in his business and life.



  • You have a BIG business idea – and fear failure

  • You have not achieved the success you had hoped to achieve by starting your own business

  • You are in goal paralysis – Start. Stop. Start. Stop.  With little to no progress

  • You have no time to work on the future of your business

  • You lost passion for what you do

  • Learn the tools, frameworks and mindset shifts to pursue (and achieve) your next big business idea

  • Discover (or re-discover) your passionate vision.  This is your 10-to-30 year goal of how the world will look because your business existed

  • Understand the four most common goal paralyzing mind tricks that stop most people from ever reaching for their true potential

  • Remain absolutely relentless about achieving your most ambitious goals by applying our 15-minute daily achievement success routine

  • This course includes video lectures, downloadable workbooks and 6 months access to our member portal

If that's you, this course will help you:

"There is a difference between wishing for a thing and being ready to receive it."  Napoleon Hill

Here's what you will walk away with . . . 

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How to Achieve Your Most Ambitious Goals



How to Achieve Your Most Ambitious Goals



How to Achieve Your Most Ambitious Goals





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Meet the Instructor: Jonathan Page

Chief Visionary | BOAR Relentless, LLC


Jonathan Page is an entrepreneur in an attorney’s body. He thrives on helping CEOs and innovators rethink their next “blue ocean” and achieve breakthrough success in business and life.

In 2013, Jonathan left a midsized firm, where he served as corporate counsel for large privately-held corporations, to found InPrime Legal – a revolutionary way for businesses to approach legal. In doing so, he left the bloody red ocean of the traditional “bill-you-for-every-minute” law firm model and created a “blue ocean” of proactive legal services for small to midsized companies. He and his wife, Mariana, then established BOAR Relentless, to help relentless CEOs and small business owners scale fast and scale with confidence.

  • Can you ensure success?
    If you commit to the process we teach you, then yes. You will achieve better results in business and life. But, this is your decision. Personal growth requires change. Change is scary. You must embrace the fact our process will require you to do things differently. This is the only way to get better results.Commit to the process.
  • What if I have no passion for anything anymore?
    Not true. That’s a story you tell yourself to stop you from achieving more. Deep inside, you know that it’s not true. You wouldn’t be here reading this FAQ if you thought you had no passion. It’s merely a matter of rediscovering that passion and focusing it on the achievement of your most ambitious goals.
  • What if I don’t have the skills or talent to achieve my goals.
    Your personal skills and talents are not hardwired into the specifications required to achieve your goals. Every goal can be achieved with the right specifications. Steve Jobs knew little about programming a computer. He didn’t possess the engineering talent of Steve Wozniak. And yet he achieved some of the most ambitious goals with the introduction of the iPod, iPhone and iPad. Your stuck on the “how to” (even though the “how to” is readily available to us). Steve Jobs remained singularly focused on his passionate vision.He delegated the “how to” to others.
  • What if I don’t have the time?
    Oh, boy, I can relate. Six sons, including a newborn, a 2-year old as well as 3 sons still not yet in high school. All of them compete in ballroom and Latin dance, play multiple musical instruments, swim twice per week and still manage As in classwork. To support our active lifestyle, my wife and I operate a multiple 7-figure businesses. Even with the same 24-hours, we still achieve major milestones outside of our family and core business.We have a system. You’ll learn our system in this course.
  • How soon can I expect to achieve my first ambitious goal?
    That depends entirely on you and your commitment. Although the resources are readily available to us now to achieve any ambitious goal, we must first re-calibrate our minds to see and discover new opportunities.This process is different for everyone. But, if you commit to our system daily, then you will re-calibrate your mind and start achieving success.
  • Could I just read some recommended mindset and business books?
    Books are great.You should read them.But, will you transform your life after reading those books?In most cases, no.Books are not a process.This course will give you a proven process for goal achievement.
  • When does the course start and how long does it last?
    You gain access to the course June 30, 2022. The course is at your own pace. Most people finish the course within 30 days of purchase.
  • What is your refund policy?
    We offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy with the course, then reach out to us in writing within 30 days of purchase to process your refund.
  • Is there a payment plan available for this course?
    Unfortunately, no. We tried to price the course as affordable as possible, so money does not become the excuse for not achieving more in life.
  • How long will I have access to the course after purchasing?
  • Do I need extra materials to take part in this course?
    No. We will provide you all the workbooks and materials you need.
  • Is coaching offered?
    Yes. We offer coaching to a select group of relentless CEOs and small business owners. To take advantage of coaching, it’s critical you have a specific ambitious goal you desire to achieve and you’ve made the commitment to achieve it. Our coaching then will help you overcome blocks and hurdles.
  • Are there alternatives?
    Sure.You could purchase my course for $78, where I teach you everything I know about remaining committed to your goals. Or, you can purchase $1000s worth of self-help books, spend 1000s of hours reading and processing those books and then attempt to condense the lessons from those books into a framework that you can use to consistently get results. Not sure about you. But, I like my sleep.


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